Care Instructions

All playdoughs are made fresh and should have a shelf life of 6 months.

Store in the air tight jar provided in a cool, dark place.

If drying occurs or it gets a bit firm, add a teaspoon of hot water and knead it through, repeat if needed. If it becomes crumbly add a few drops of oil and knead. Discard at any signs of contamination.

Adult supervision is recommended at all times. Not recommended for people who have a tendency to put things in their mouths. Small pieces may be choking hazards. Human consumption is not recommended due to high levels of salt. 3yrs +. 

The playdough is prepared in a family kitchen so there is a slight chance of cross contamination and it containing nuts,  however this risk in minimal as all equipment is only used for playdough making. 

Made using wheat flour. 

Colours are all natural, plant based, food grade colours using ingredients such as safflower and spirulina. Due to the natural pigments, some colours may fade a little with time however the colours we use are the best food grade plant based colours. You won't get stained yellow benches and the fading is a lot lower than many other brands on the market. It may go from a bright pink to a soft pink after 6-12 months of play. 

The essential oils used are chosen because they are non toxic and generally regarded as safe, however are not food grade. All essential oils are 100% pure and are purchased through reputable companies who do 3rd party testing. All other ingredients are food grade ingredients so if someone has a lick or a nibble, don’t panic! 

Happy playdoughing!

Liz x