Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How much is shipping?
   Shipping starts at $8.50 and increases based on the weight of your order. We do our best to keep shipping rates as low as possible.
  • Do you ship internationally?

  Not at the moment, the main reasons are insurance, shelf life and cost of shipping internationally.

  • Is it really natural?
Yes, Every single ingredient, even the anti caking agent in the salt is natural.
  • Does it stain surfaces?
  No, the ingredients used are non-staining. I regularly drop concentrated colour onto my white bench and it doesn't stain.
  • Will it grow mould?
  Not likely unless something foreign was added. We have playdough that is over 2 years old and no mould in sight.
  • Does it fade?
  Some colours may fade due to the natural pigments in the colours. We are continuing to work on improving this issue but if you want more infomation in which colours please send us an email. (
  • Can I get your recipe?
  Ha ha no, nice try. You can google search plenty of recipes for playdough but ours is a secret and also complicated. If you've tried to make it you wold know playdough is so hard to get right every time (but I will tell you the adding boiling water is better than the stove top method).
  • What ingredients do you use?
  Flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, grape seed oil, natural colours and natural scents. (this no secret, it is on each jar). No, I won't reveal the brands or where I source my products.
  • Do I need to refrigerate your playdough?
 No, just store it in an air tight container in a cool dark place.
  • Why is your make time 2 weeks?
  I make everything fresh to order. I also wax, clean, sand and seal most accessories to prevent the playdough from sticking to the wood.
  • Why do you use glass jars?

  Essential oils (used in most scents) react with plastic. Tins dent, you cant see in them and they seem to have a shorter shelf life. The glass is reusable, recyclable, clear and they look pretty, they have a wide opening to make it easy for big hands to get all the dough out and lastly if you're worried, you can get the playdough out first, set up the play and then invite the kids to play. 

  • What age is best for playdough?
   We recommend ages 3+, this is because small parts may be choking hazards. However there is no legal mandate on playdough age limits therefore you will see some without age limits and others who have 2yrs+. Playdough is high in salt and is not for consumption. We do recognise that playdough is a beneficial tool for toddlers to develop fine motor skills, we recommend close adult supervision at all times.
  • Is there any chance of nuts contaminating the playdough?

Unlikely, however the playdough is made in a family kitchen where nuts are present but we take every precaution to avoid contamination. The tools and utensils are only used for playdough making, surfaces are washed twice, hands are washed and food handling gloves are worn during the making and packing of playdough. Even the cleaning supplies are kept separate and only used for the playdough. These standards will be improved again once the purpose built playdough studio (aka current back shed) is converted.

  • Do you wholesale?

Yes, however there are strict conditions with wholesale due to the colours and the shelf life, we want the customers to get the freshest and longest time out of their dough so we impose a stockist shelf life. If you are interested in becoming a stockist please email