The Benefits of Playdough

Fine motor skills
  • Pulling, pinching, squashing.
  • Rolling into balls and snakes.
  • Using cutters to make shapes letters and numbers.
  • Touch - using fine motor skills
  • Smell - the different scents
  • Role play; make pretend food, play shops, or baking
  • Incorporate other toys like duplo figures, plastic animals or small dolls.
  • Create gardens, rooms, furniture,
  • Recreate your favourite animals out of dough
  • Colours
  • Counting
  • Use the dough to create letters and numbers. Therefore learning and recognising their names, the alphabet, spelling skills and maths skills. A perfect class room tool.
  • Weighing and measuring the dough
  • Learning percentages for example rolling into a flat circle and cutting into halves, quarters and thirds.