Bees Wax Wood Balm

Bees Wax Wood Balm

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Bees Wax Wood Balm

60g tin.

Ingredients: Australian bees wax, grape seed oil

Food grade ingredients.

You can use this on all wood objects. Including playdough stamps, rolling pins, wooden tools, chopping boards, wooden toys and furniture. This will bring out the gorgeous natural wood grain, make your tools smell amazing and stop the playdough from sticking.

The choice of grape seed oil as the second ingredient is because it is absolutely full of antioxidants which will preserve the wood for even longer. No essential oils (although tempting) is so you can use it on all wooden objects even kitchen utensils. 

Shelf life of 6 months from purchase date .

Apply a small amount to clean, dry wood, allow to soak in for a few hours then buff off the excess with a clean rag, repeat if needed. I use a clean cloth or paper towel to apply.

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